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Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Unicorn Party Supplies
Unicorn Party Supplies
The legendary creature of the Unicorn is well-known in myth, and even though the myth has existed for thousands of years, there are kids today who are fascinated by this creature that has never existed.

As a result, your own kids may ask you for a Unicorn themed birthday party. How can you put on a birthday party like this when Unicorns are myths? Well, here are some good party tips to help make it happen, which you can use with supplies from Unicorn Birthday Party Packs.

Decorate Unicorn Cut Outs
By cutting out the image of a Unicorn in cardboard or paper, you can give the kids the opportunity to decorate their own Unicorns. They can paint the cutouts, decorate them with glitter, or decorate them any number of ways to make the Unicorn cut outs look great. You can make the uniform cut outs any size, or make one really big cut out for the kids. The choice is yours.

Eat Unicorn Food
Unicorns love pomegranates and are often featured in medieval tapestries with those trees. So, why not serve up pomegranates for the kids. They may have never tried this fruit before and typically everyone loves it. By telling the kids that it is the food of Unicorns, you can expect they will be much more eager to try the fruit and they will be much more likely to enjoy it as well.

Find the Unicorn
Unicorn hunts were apparently popular in medieval times. Even though there are no real Unicorns, you can still try and find a Unicorn. Just make a large Unicorn out of a cardboard cut out and hide it somewhere in the yard. Then, have the kids try and find the Unicorn. You can hide it in numerous places over the course of the day to make this a sort of Unicorn hide-and-seek. Either way, the kids will love looking for this elusive beast.

Unicorns are always popular with kids, as can be seen from all the kids shows that feature them. As a result, you may find your own kids asking you for a Unicorn themed birthday party. Thankfully, you can make it happen with these party ideas and Unicorn Birthday Party Supplies.