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Transformers Birthday Party Ideas

The biggest movie of the year in 2007 was Transformers, and it is no surprise that children will be requesting Transformer style parties for their birthday. This can be accomplished with Transformer Birthday Party Supplies, along with a few easy household items.

Invite the Transformers
When you send out the invitations, make sure to invite the transformers to a special event where everyone will think of ways to get back at the Decepticons. Tell everyone to be prepared to arrive disguised as humans, before transforming into their favorite Transformer at the event. The invitations can be folded in such a way that they transform into a bigger invitation when the recipient opens them.

As the guests arrive, you can give them all cardboard boxes, with holes for the arms and legs. You can also give them a box for their head, with the face cut out, so that they can decorate them with whatever they want. This includes paint, streamers and whatever else the children might want to use. Let the children go all out with their decorations and give them full range to create whatever Transformer character they want, whether they are actual Transformers or just something the child thought up on their own.

Next, have a box outfit ready for dad so he can come into the room as Megatron, and the gathered Transformers can attack him and once again save the world from the evil Decepticons. Of course, make sure dad is okay with this, make sure the costume looks great, even if it is made of cardboard boxes, and make sure dad wears foam or something to protect him.

Transformer Food
Remember, Transformers are robots in disguise so they do not eat normal items like cake and drink juice. Instead, tell them the juice you serve them is "oil" and the cake is made out of "nuts and bolts", so that the Transformers can get the right kind of robot nutrients that they need.

Transformers are hugely popular right now, and it can be easy to find everything you need for the birthday party with Transformer Birthday Party Packs. Although try and go the extra mile by using crafts and other supplies to create an event that will be remembered by the various robots in disguise who show up for the party.