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Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

Toy Story Party Supplies
Toy Story Party Supplies
If you are planning a birthday for your kids, you may want to think about a Toy Story 3-themed birthday party. Toy Story 3 is one of the best and biggest movies of 2010, and your kids may be hoping for this type of birthday anyways. If you go this route, we can help you with plenty of supplies from the Toy Story Birthday Party Packs. You can also look at these ideas for some help as well.

Make Real Potato Heads
Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head are a big part of Toy Story 3, and you can expect your kids will love the characters, so why not ensure that they have fun with those characters. Instead of buying a bunch of these toys, just get some potatoes, some pieces for the kids and let them make their own Potato Heads that they can then take home and cook for supper. It is a unique way to get the kids thinking in a creative way with an age old toy.

The Toy Game
In Toy Story 3, the toys move when there is no one around. You can turn this into a game like Red Light Green Light with the kids. When the adults turn their backs to the kids, the kids can move, but when adults turn towards the kids, they have to instantly freeze. It is a lot of fun and the winners can get a prize.

Name the Toy
With pictures, show the kids an image of a character from Toy Story and see if they guess it. They probably will, so another method is to give them clues before showing them the picture to see if they will guess it. The kids will have a lot of fun with this activity and it is a very easy one for you to do as a parent.

Toy Story 3 is a big movie with a lot of young fans, so don't be too surprised if your own children ask you for a Toy Story 3 birthday party. If they do, Toy Story Birthday Party Supplies along with these ideas will make it a birthday to remember.