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Tinkerbell Birthday Party Ideas

Peter Pan would be lost without Tinkerbell, and it is no surprise that so many girls look at Tinkerbell the way boys look to G.I. Joe. Girls these days will often see the old Peter Pan movies, or even read the book, and decide they want a Tinkerbell birthday party. Well, thankfully it is very easy to do with Tinkerbell Birthday Party Supplies and other items.

Fairies Need Their Wings
If there is one thing little pixies and fairies have, it is wings, so one of the best activities you can have at the birthday party is making wings. Let the girls make all their own wings out of cardboard. If you want to cut them that is fine, but let the girls decorate them with plastic tablecloths, glitter, beads and anything else that may pop into their head. Once they have the wings made, you can attach them with some string.

Tinkerbell Wands!
Wands are important to fairies and pixies as well, and thankfully, they are really easy to make. Get the girls some chopsticks, or pipe cleaner, and let them put together the wands that they think make them the best Tinkerbell out there. Use glitter and sparklers to add a bit of flair to any wand. Once the wings and wands are made, the little Tinkerbells are ready to show them off with a march through the house and into the yard.

Cupcakes are a Fairies Best Friend
Fairies love their sweets, so why not get the girls working on some great cupcakes that they can take home and share with the family. Give them everything they need after you have cooked the cupcakes, to decorate them and give the cupcakes their own personal touch. Let them be as original as they like, with whatever type of toppings they may want to put on them.

Tinkerbell is like the Little Mermaid, a very easy party theme that can appeal across generations. By working with some crafts, watching a few Peter Pan movies and using party supplies from Tinkerbell Birthday Party Packs, you can have a perfect Tinkerbell birthday party for your little one.