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Thomas the Train Birthday Party Ideas

Thomas the Train Party Supplies
Thomas the Train Party Supplies
A very popular show on television right now is Tomas the Tank Engine. This children's show involves a train and his pals who journey on adventures and entertain young children each weekday morning.

So, you can expect that at some point, you will be holding a Thomas the Train themed birthday party. Short of having to take the kids to an actual train yard, what can you do to emulate the train theme of the show?

Well, thankfully we have some ideas to keep the kids happy and busy.

Train Cars
One of the best things you can do is give all the kids a cardboard box. Then, give them craft supplies and some Thomas the Train birthday party supplies to help decorate their train cars. Once the kids have completed the car, get a picture of all of them in one long train. Once that is done, take them on a train tour through the house and the backyard, with the birthday boy or girl leading the way.

Model Train
Another great idea is to use a small model train and track. With this, you can have a train running on the table as everyone eats. It can also double as a transportation service when someone asks you to pass the salt. It is best in this scenario to ask the kids not to touch the train though, otherwise you will be busy putting it back on the track ever few minutes.

Watch the Videos
If you want to keep the kids busy while you prepare the meal, why not get them to watch a Thomas the Train video? This is a great way to get them into a frame of mind for the Thomas the Train-themed birthday party. It will also keep them busy while you work on other things in the party. Try not to show more than one or two videos because you will want to have the kids enjoy themselves outside of the television.

Thomas the Train is a very popular children's show that has swept through the world to the delight of kids everywhere. When you are throwing a Thomas the Train-themed birthday party, there are many different ideas you can come up with, and by using some party supplies from Thomas the Train birthday party packs, decorating the party will be easier.