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Super Mario Birthday Party Ideas

Super Mario Party Supplies
Super Mario Party Supplies
Easily the most popular video game series in the world is Super Mario Bros. This video game series came along with the first Nintendo console, and quickly has become the flagship of the entire company. With every single console, from the Nintendo Console and Super Nintendo Console, to the Nintendo Game Cube and Nintendo Wii, there has been a Super Mario Bros. game. As a result, even kids today know of the Super Mario Bros, and that can lead to the request for a Super Mario Bros. themed birthday party. Thankfully with some help from Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party Supplies, you can put together a great birthday party for your children.

Jumping Contest
The one thing that Super Mario Bros. is known for is jumping. Both Luigi and Mario can jump over nearly anything, so why not have the kids try their own jumping feats? Give out prizes for the kids that can jump the highest and the kids won't even realize that they are getting exercise as they jump. It is a simple game, but one that everyone should enjoy, especially those who win candy.

Mario Mustaches
Mario and Luigi both have some great mustaches, so a good activity for the kids is to make their own mustaches. These mustaches don't have to be black, they can be any color the kids want. They are the ones coloring the mustache cut outs you made the previous night. Even if the kids want to put glitter, pipe cleaners or streamers on their mustaches, let them. The crazier the better because you will get some laughs out of it, and the kids will get some great fun out of it.

Save the Princess
Princess Peach is very important in the world of Super Mario Bros., so why not have the kids save Princess Peach from the nemesis of Mario; Bowser. It is very easy to do. You need to plan out a path for the kids to take through the house and the yard, which leads them through some traps, obstacles and eventually to the Princess, played by mom. As the kids make their way through the course, dad can 'attack' them with foam blocks and other items to slow them down. As Bowser, dad can have a lot of fun with this and the kids will too. It will almost follow the format of a haunted house, with the kids not knowing where Bowser will leap out of next. Then, as the kids meet the princess, they can battle Bowser to save her. Everyone will love this, especially the kids who all get treats at the end.

The Super Mario Bros. are well-known around the world and even little kids today will play the games with the Italian central characters. It is a lot of fun and it can make a really fun birthday when you use supplies from Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party Packs and these party ideas.