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Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars Party Supplies
Star Wars Party Supplies
Star Wars has gone beyond simply being a movie and has become a mythology for many people. It remains popular with generations of fans, despite being released 30 years ago. Even today, young children still want to see Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Han Solo battle through the galaxy. They even want that battle to make its way to their birthday parties, and as a result, you will be asked for a Star Wars themed birthday party, complete with Star Wars Birthday Party Supplies.

Invitations to the Death Star
When you send out invitations, send them out with an urgent call to help battle either the Rebel Forces or Darth Vader. Tell the invitees that they need to be at a certain address, your house, on a certain day, the child's birthday, to help in the fight. Give the children a password that they must say to get in, but make it easy. When they arrive, have two adults with Imperial Trooper masks on who ask them the password. When they say it, they are let in.

Light Sabers
Everyone wants a light saber, and no Star Wars birthday party is complete without them, so make a fun activity, using cardboard rolls, to make the sabers. Use construction paper, or even ribbons, to put together a really cool design. Once all the light sabers are completed, then you can hold duels between the children, dressed in their Star Wars masks to see who really is the true Jedi Master!

Test the Force
The next idea is a fun one. With their light sabers, or simply a broom stick, you will test their Jedi abilities. Fill a bunch of balloons with treats and blow them up. Then blindfold the kid and give them the light saber and let them try to hit the balloon going by "the force" alone. If they hit it, give them the candy. If they don't, well you can make things a bit easier for them if you wish.

Star Wars is a lot of fun during a birthday, since even parents love the tales of Luke and Han. Have fun with your kids with the Star Wars themed birthday party by using Star Wars Birthday Party Packs, or even craft items you find around your own home.

May the force be with you...