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Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

Spiderman Party Supplies
Spiderman Party Supplies
Spiderman is one of the most popular superheroes in history, and children love to pretend to be that famous web-slinger. Using Spiderman Birthday Party Supplies, you can help create a web of fun for the children at the birthday party, through a variety of fun activities and decorations that will make all the children think they are the greatest superhero of them all.

Spiderman Masks
First thing to do is give every child a Spiderman mask when they arrive at the birthday party. You can find Spiderman Masks in Spiderman Birthday Party Packs. Tell them that from this point on they are Spiderman, and not whatever their name was before that. Tell them that they have to protect the house from Doc Oc or the Green Goblin and the only way to do that is to assume the role of Spiderman.

Red and Blue
Spiderman's colors are red and blue, so the entire house should reflect that. Use red and black balloons, streamers, plates, cups and anything else you can think of to give it a bit more of a Spiderman feel.

Spiderman shoots webs, so you can also decorate the house in special material that looks like webs hanging everywhere. Tell the kids that the real Spiderman was just here and while he wanted to attend the party, an evil doer is threatening the world and he had to run, but he left the web decorations as a way to say thank you. Another variation of this is to give the kids silly string. It will be a pain to clean up later but the kids will absolutely love pretending to be Spiderman as they shoot silly string at each other throughout the house. You can also make dad a villain and have him get silly string attacked by the various web-slingers that occupy your house on that day.

Puzzles and Games
It's not all about silly string, or red and blue colors. You can use a variety of puzzles, paddle balls and game books to add a bit of fun to the party, without having to coat the house in silly string from wall to wall. You can also create a web of string that has various goodies tied to that the children have to get to, maybe make it a series of clues that will lead them to Spiderman's secret hideout.

Having a Spiderman party can be a lot of fun, and messy, depending how you do it, but it will sure to be a hit with any young child who happens to idolize a certain web-slinger from New York City. After all, don't we all want to be Spiderman at one point or another?