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Multi-player browser games are some of the most enjoyed kid games today. You get to compete with other players online and at the end of the day, there is always a winner. is one of those much-loved games by kids. The game is played by controlling an avatar that some say resembles a worm, others a snake but the bottom line is it moves by slithering. The aim of the game is for the worm to eat multi-colored pellets scattered all over the game board and grow to the longest size to beat the other players. The popularity of the game since its release in 2015 has grown immensely, it’s no wonder kids are asking for themed birthday parties. If that's what your child wants, we have the best party supplies for you. Bring the game to life at your child's birthday party with these party ideas.

Find the Slithers Challenge
In the game there are two main components; the slithers and the glowing pellets. Using these two items you can create a fun game for children to enjoy your themed birthday party. How? For the birthday party, hire a large ball pit and add in a good number of rubber snakes or rubber worms. And this is where the fun begins. Challenge all the kids to dive into the ball pit, have fun and find as many rubber snakes or rubber worms as they can. You can come up with a reward for the child who collects the most rubber snakes or just let them take home all the rubber worms they were able to find.

Can You Make A Good Slither?
You can't throw a birthday party without a having a whole lot of balloons everywhere. Using balloons, you can create the game in real life for the kids to enjoy. To do so, group the kids into four or more teams and let each team choose a color. The task in this game will be for the teams to collect as many balloons as they can of the color they chose in an enclosed area. The trick, however, is that they have to hold hands and move as a unit while collecting the balloon. Any team that breaks the chain gets automatically disqualified. So to make a good slither you have to not let go!

Color Your Slither
The perfect take-home gift from a birthday themed party is your very own slither. Before the party, you can make cut out cardboard snakes or worms for the children. After all the running around, get the children to relax by painting and coloring their own slithers. This will be a great opportunity for the kids to showcase their creativity. And for you parents to have a break from all the chasing. At the end of the birthday party, each kid gets to carry home their own slither as a memory of the awesome themed birthday party they attended.

Birthday parties are a special affair for every child. So throwing them a birthday party to remember to mark the beginning of their new year is just the way to do it. If your child loves the game, then throwing them a themed birthday party of the game is a fabulous idea. The birthday party supplies that we have outlined will ensure to keep the children entertained and easily manageable during the entire party. These games will also be an opportunity for the kids to grow and learn about teamwork, bring out their creativity as well as have lots of fun together.