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Rapunzel Birthday Party Ideas

Rapunzel Party Supplies
Rapunzel Party Supplies
Children love cartoons and animations, and they also love fairy tales. Right from the first time a child gets to watch Tangled, they want anything and everything to do with Rapunzel. We can make their dreams come true by throwing a Rapunzel birthday party. If your child's birthday is coming up, a Rapunzel birthday party would be an excellent idea. However, will might need some helpful planning. You could either choose to make a DIY Rapunzel party or obtain Rapunzel birthday party supplies. Here are some ideas that would make an amazing Rapunzel party.

Rapunzel Hair Jumping
A birthday party is never complete without some outdoor physical activity. That is why jumping comes number one on the list. Once you have the home Rapunzel themed, it is time to make the activities too. One fascinating thing about Rapunzel is her hair, if you can make anything that looks like her hair, it will be fantastic for the little one. Using brown wool threads, you can make long ponytail like threads. The ponytail should have the appearance and look of the long rapunzel hair. Colour the long tail with purple and red flowers at an interval. This will make the Rapunzel theme more strong. You can tie several threads together to make a long rope. Let the children use the Rapunzel hair thread as a rope when playing skip and hope before the party begins. This will make a good physical activity for the children.

Rapunzel Tower Reconstruction
While you may have a Rapunzel tower cake for the birthday party, the children should also have a chance to make their own towers. You could make the Rapunzel tower reconstruction a competition if need be. Using different colors, paint a rapunzel tower on manila paper. If drawing is not your thing, you could just get an image printed on several papers. Using scissors, cut out each tower from the manila and further cut it into several pieces. Give each child pieces from one tower and let them compete to reconstruct the tower on a manila paper using the cut pieces with glue. The children will attach the pieces to the manila in an orderly manner to form the tower. This will get their minds thinking.

Hanging Paper Lanterns
This is a decoration idea for the main birthday room. The hanging fairy lights will excite children. You could make real lights or use hanging paper lanterns. Paint a 5 cm square papers with purple. Once they are dry, draw a red star at the center. Hang as many of these papers from the roof and shine on them some purple or red light to make them look like stars. This is the best way to simulate the Tangle fairyland lights.

To make a great party for your child, you need to think outside the box. Making a Rapunzel birthday party may not be easy, but with the above birthday party ideas, it will bring joy to your child. Don't forget to order Rapunzel party Supplies as well to make the themed birthday party a hit that their friends will be talking about for weeks to come.