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Power Rangers Birthday Party Ideas

Power Rangers Party Supplies
Power Rangers Party Supplies
Power Rangers are still very popular over the ten years since they debuted on television. Children seem to love the wild adventures that these superheroes take part in, and their battles against evildoers are legendary among viewers. You can provide an excellent Power Ranger birthday party to the kids at your house with several items from around the house, and Power Rangers Birthday Party Supplies.

Save the World Invitations
Don't just invite the children to a birthday party, invite them to take part in saving the world from an evildoer. Write the invitation like an urgent call to action from all would-be Power Rangers out there to assemble at your child's house on their birthday, to fight off another global threat and protect the Earth for another day. Put a special key or note in each invitation that has to be shown for entry into the secret Power Rangers fortress when they arrive. Of course, if they lose the key you can still let them in.

Power Ranger Masks
With string and paper plates, have the children make their own Power Rangers masks, that they can wear when an evil doer strikes the birthday party. Let them be as creative as they want, giving them the ability to go all out with their designs. Include stickers and other items to the masks if you want.

Assemble the Power Rangers
After everyone has had something to eat, assemble the Power Rangers and tell them their mission, that someone is trying to take over the world and they are hiding in the house. Have the kids look at various clues scattered around the house that tell them where the evil doer is.

This is Where it Gets Fun
Now, if he is up for it, have dad deck himself out in foam or bubble wrap and act as the monster. When the children get to the last clue, have it lead to a room where there is no light, when they turn on the light have dad, in his evil-doer costume, come running out to confront the Power Rangers, while you urge them on to fight the monster and save the world. It could prove to be a lot of fun as the children gang up on dad and protect the Earth for yet another day. At the end, everyone can go back for some cake and treats and congratulate themselves on a job well done.

Your Power Rangers birthday party can be a hit by thinking of a story line the children can follow throughout the day, leading them to a goal. Have fun with it because if you do, they will to.