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Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas

Most adults don't even know what a pokemon is. Despite this, the show and merchandise has proven to be incredibly popular for over a decade, turning kids onto the concept of Japanimation, or animation from Japan. Through complicated plots and bizarre characters, children are exposed to a completely different way of story telling.

You can expect at some point, your child will ask for a pokemon-themed birthday party, and once you figure out what exactly a pokemon is, you will be able to provide it for them through the Pokemon birthday party supplies and with the help of these party ideas.

A Pokemon Engagement
When you send out the invitations to the kids, tell them that they are needed in a round-up of pokemon at your address. They should show up ready to find the pokemon and help protect them from some evildoer. By making it seem like there will be a pokemon adventure at your house, you are going to see some very enthusiastic kids at the birthday party.

Design A Pokemon
When the kids arrive, have them make their own pokemon characters using craft supplies and Pokemon birthday party supplies. The kids don't have to make actual pokemon characters, but can simply make whatever happens to come into their mind at that point. There is total freedom into the pokemon characters they want to make and there is no wrong way to do it. Once they have done that, put on a pokemon video for them to watch while you round up the pokemon characters they have made.

Pokemon Roundup
Now comes the fun part, while they are watching the movie, you hide all the pokemon characters around the house, in an easy way so its not too difficult, and then let the kids know that the pokemon roundup has begun. Tell the kids they need to find only their own pokemon, and once they are found, they need to report to you or someone else, for their prize. If anyone has trouble finding their pokemon character, then just lend them a hand. Once the roundup is complete, it is time for presents and the cake.

pokemon is a very popular trend in the world, with video games, books and shows all dedicated to the pokemon universe. As a result, you need to be able to provide a pokemon themed birthday party when the time comes, and by using your imagination, craft supplies and pokemon supplies found in Pokemon birthday party packs, you should have little trouble.