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Play-Doh Birthday Party Ideas

Play-Doh Party Supplies
Play-Doh Party Supplies
All those who passed through childhood know how much children love play-doh. This is the reason why a play-doh themed birthday party would be an excellent idea. Children are inquisitive, curious and creative. There is no better way of bringing out your child's creativity and discovering their talent than setting them free in a field of play-doh. Creating such a party will give your child the freedom to express themselves through art and show you what hides within them. It also gives the child a chance to learn healthy competition with his or her friends. However, preparing a play-doh party needs a lot of work and creativity. Here are some ideas for a fun filled play-doh birthday party.

DIY Play-Doh Theme
Decorating the house in play-doh colors and toys will not be a walk in the park. You need to start preparations in advance and make enough play-doh for the entire party. You can then make a huge play-doh can using a pail with yellow and red wrapping papper. Decorate the house with playdoh colors and use the small play-doh cans to decorate as well. Position the large play-doh can at the center and fill it with popcorn to get the party mood going. Another way to prepare the kids for the fun is sending out play-doh can-shaped invitation cards. You can either make the invitation cards personally or buy them together with other Play-doh party supplies.

Customized Playdough Bouncing Castle
Having a birthday party without a fun-filled outdoor event might put the kids off. Bring a bouncing castle preferably a yellow one. With a yellow bouncing castle, you can decorate it with playdoh cards. Using large carton boxes, you can create your own play-doh stickers and even customize them to have your child's name. For example, if her name is Emmy, create a big carton box labeled Emmy-doh Bouncing Castle. Let the children have too much jumping and bouncing before they settle to the indoor activities.

Play Doh Mind Factory
Let this be the peak of your child's birthday party. You may at first have what we call controlled development. Give the kids equal amounts of play-doh and prescribe which creations they create. The kids can make anything ranging from cup cakes to their favorite dolls or even houses. You can turn this into a little competition with an award for the best creations. After that, set the children free, sit back, relax and watch. This is the time to learn what goes through your kid's mind. Let the children explore their creativity to the maximum without interruption.

A play-doh party will give your child the freedom to be creative and entertained. The cake and other aspects of the party should also be play-doh themed. You can have the cake in your child's favorite play-doh colors. You could also bring in play-doh puzzles and stickers for the kids to jog their minds. Creating a play-doh party will require dedication and time, but at the end, you will be glad you did. To make things easier, you can choose to buy most of the stuff such as play-doh invitation cards, play-doh cans, and the play-doh itself. Most of the Play-Doh birthday party supplies can be found through this website.