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Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Party Ideas

Pirates of the Caribbean Party Supplies
Pirates of the Caribbean Party Supplies
Who does not love playing pirates and searching for treasure? Ever since the first movie hit the screens 14 years ago, Jack Sparrow and the rest of the cast have managed to capture the imagination of not only avid movie buffs but also kids around the world. Exploration, mystery, and adventure - it's everything young ones crave for. So why not adopt a Pirates of the Caribbean theme for your kid's next birthday party? We have come up with 3 great ideas that are sure to impress just about anybody.

Davy Jones' Locker
This is a special area where kids can go in and dress themselves as pirates. Stuff the locker with pirate scarves, eye patches, water guns and what not! You can also sketch fake tattoos on all participants for added realism. You may also need to consider buying some pirate caps and swords (yes, harmless ones). If you're planning to make this event truly memorable, get some hair extensions too. Dress the kids up smartly and you'll have yourself a mini pirate styled comic-con! What could be better for those cameras? 

Pirate Scrolls Invitations
Print out paper invitations with smudge and stain effects - they must look like the dead sea scrolls! Distribute these in your neighborhood, ask your kid to hand them out at school or even post them online. If possible, draw out a simple map of the location where the party is going to be held and print it on the back of the invitation. This will make the invite feel even more realistic. If you have some more time to spare, make these invites by hand so that no invite looks the same. For the smudge effects, just dip your fingers lightly into some watercolor and stick them on the paper. You can get creative and improvise too! 

Pirate Dinner Night
A pirate dinner is a great way to have fun and allows kids to bond with each other. The dinner table will serve as the main prop for this event. Place a huge skull with an eyepiece at the center of the table. Some candles around it would add to the effect. Purchase tablecloths and napkins that have crossbones on them would be preferable. Prepare a custom menu for the occasion - for instance, you can serve donuts in a box named “Do-Nut!”. If you do some digging on the internet, you will find loads of pirate styled recipes too. Make sure to incorporate these into your menu. Another great idea would be to have a Pirates of the Caribbean themed cake. Just grab those Blu-Ray discs and play some Pirates of the Caribbean movies while you’re having fun at the dinner table!

With the above birthday party ideas and some Pirates of the Caribbean birthday party supplies, your child's birthday party will no doubt be a success and will be talked about for weeks to come! Your child's birtday only comes around once a year, so make sure it's one to remember!