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Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Pirate Party Supplies
Pirate Party Supplies
Over the past few years, pirates have gone from obscure Halloween costumes to the forefront of party design thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy from Disney. Now, every kid wants to be a pirate and pirate parties are a huge hit anytime of the year. Here are some fun party ideas that can be accomplished by using a wide variety of Pirate Birthday Party Supplies.

Confetti Bombs
Create your own cannon balls by using a jar of edible candy confetti and latex balloons. Before you fill the balloons with air or helium, put confetti inside. Once filled with air or helium, the children can toss the "confetti cannon balls" around, whoever is holding it when it pops, gets the confetti. This can be repeated over and over again depending on the number of balloons you have, ensuring that everyone gets some edible confetti.

Personalized Banner
If you have a banner at the party, don't simply put "Happy Birthday ..." But make it more 'piraty' by welcoming everyone to Captain ...'s ship, you scurvy dogs! You can also fashion the banner into a pirate flag that can hang over the birthday party.

Birthday Loot
Why not give the children the opportunity to journey through a jungle, carrying loot bags and looking for treasure in the house? By hanging green streamers from the ceiling, you can make it seem like the children are in a green jungle, complete with green latex balloons, filled with confetti, hanging from the ceiling that can be popped at various times, and blow outs that will make it seem like the jungle is full of wild animals. All of these party supplies can be found in Pirate Birthday Party Packs.

Dim the lights to give the treasure hunt a bit more of an eerie feeling, as well as adding a bit more surprise to the blow outs and confetti bombs. Get 100 gold coins and set various piles throughout the house to add a bit more fun to the treasure hunt. You can even draw the treasure map on napkins, one for each child, thereby giving every kid their own treasure map to follow and their own loot to "dig up".

Birthday Eats Can be Fun Too
Activity placemats, a pirate centerpiece and tablecloth will all help give the party a bit more of a pirate theme to it, and all of these pirate birthday party supplies are easy to find, but why not take things up a notch? Forget about putting the plastic tablecloth across the table, why not craft it into a sail at the centre of the table? Turn the entire table into a pirate ship with the tablecloth and a broom stick. Draw skull and crossbones on your dinner plates and fold the napkins so they look like mini pirate ships themselves. Use one of the dinner plates to create a crowsnest at the top of the sale, and add a napkin flag at the top, or put a pirate balloon at the top to serve as lookout on the stormy birthday seas. Lay blue streamers down along the back and side of the table for waves, and you have a full-fledged pirate ship, good enough to eat off of.

Everybody at one point or another wants to be a pirate, so why not throw a pirate themed birthday party to fulfill your childs dream.