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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies
Minnie Mouse Party Supplies
Since debuting with Mickey Mouse in 1928, Minnie has been a favorite cartoon character from Disney for generations of young women, all of whom love the adventures and misfortunes she shares with Mickey Mouse. Even today, with direct-to-DVD videos being released featuring Minnie Mouse, millions of young girls are becoming fans of Minnie Mouse. As a result, you may be asked to provide a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party at some point in the future. Thankfully, it is not that hard to do when you use some imagination, craft items and Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Supplies.

Minnie Makeover
When you invite the children to the Minnie Mouse birthday party, make a point of telling them that they will be attending a makeover party, where everyone will be turned into their favorite mouse. Try and tell it in a fun and exciting way, and tell the children to bring their favorite crayons, craft supplies and more. This should be able to peak their interest and get them ready for the big day.

Minnie Ears
Like Mickey Mouse, Minnie is known for her mouse ears, so why not have the children design their own mouse ears. They can write their name on them, and even decorate them in any way they want. They can be quite easy to make and if you just use some cardboard and string, you can make a great set of ears for them to decorate.

Minnie Dress
Another thing that sets Minnie Mouse apart from the other cartoon characters is that she wears a polka dot dress. Why not give the children some paper bags that they can wear over their clothes, and which they can decorate for themselves to create the dress of their dreams. Once they are done with the dress and the Minnie Mouse ears, they can then show off their Minnie Mouse creations.

Minnie Mouse is still popular, even eight decades after she first debuted. Millions of young girls love to watch her in her antics with Mickey, Pluto and Donald. As a result, your daughters may ask you for Minnie Mouse themed birthday party, and now you can provide it to them using craft supplies and various items from Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Packs.