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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Mickey Mouse Party Supplies
Mickey Mouse Party Supplies
Mickey Mouse has been around for many decades and he is a fixture of American pop culture. Mickey Mouse is the mascot for Disney and has appeared in hundreds of films and television shows, so it is no surprise that children still know who that mouse is. Your child may ask for a Mickey Mouse birthday party and using Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Supplies, you can provide it for them, in stellar fashion.

Mickey Mouse Ears
If you are going to have a Mickey Mouse party, then you need to have the ears. There is no going around it and every child is going to need a pair. You can find them in Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Packs, or provide the template for the kids but have them decorate and construct the ears how they see fit. Let them put Mickey stickers on them, along with their name in gold ink, just like the real ones.

A Mouse Cake
No, this is not what you think it is. In fact, it is a cool idea you can use for the cake that will be brought out for the birthday boy or girl. Using three circular pans, you can make a head, and ears, for the cake. Use black and white icing to put the trademark face on it. Use candles, black or white, as well as other small decorations to add to the cake and don't forget to serve it on Mickey Mouse plates.

A Mickey Mouse Adventure
Mickey's best friend is his dog Pluto and there have been many films and television shows that centered on Mickey going on an adventure to find Pluto, so why not turn that animated adventure into a real one. If you have a dog, hide him in a room in the house and then leave clues for the Mickey detectives to find. They can move throughout the house, following the house to find "Pluto". Leave various candies along the way to keep them going and interested in the game.

Watch Mickey
Mickey Mouse movies are everywhere and every child enjoys them. So when the food is done and the games are complete, put in a Mickey Mouse movie and let the kids laugh their heads off at the crazy mouse and his crazy friends.

Mickey Mouse is as well known as most famous historical figures, so it is not too hard to have an event that centres on the mouse. Make sure everything you do is in white and black to reflect Mickey's colors and have a good supply of camera memory on hand because the pictures of the party will be priceless.