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Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Little Mermaid Party Supplies
Little Mermaid Party Supplies
One of the most popular Disney movies ever was The Little Mermaid. Despite being released decades ago, it is still popular with kids today and you may get asked to use it as a theme for a birthday party. Don't fret, you don't have to go under the sea, literally, to make the party work. Instead, using Little Mermaid Birthday Party Supplies, you can turn the house into a castle under the sea.

Turn the House Into an Ocean
First things first, you will have to make the entire house into an ocean and to do that, you have to go blue. Put blue everywhere, and hang streamers along the roof, not down off of it, so that it looks like there are waves above the children. As well, setup cardboard fishes, and various sunken treasures that the children can look for and find while under the sea. No trip under the ocean would be complete without a castle. Using cardboard boxes, you can make a nice castle that the children can explore to find more buried treasure that may lay under the sea for them. You can also purchase special lights that mimic the look of waves on the walls, if you want to really go all out, purchase one of those. It will make a great fixture in the bedroom of the birthday girl in the future.

Make Everyone The Little Mermaid
Using some tiaras that come with many Little Mermaid Birthday Party Packs, you can make every girl at the party The Little Mermaid. To add some extra personality to the ornaments, put each one in a special cardboard treasure chest that the girls can open to find their own tiara inside.

Have fun with the Ocean
Go all out with the ocean at the table. Use a blue table cloth, complete with ripples for waves, to make the setting for food seem like it is an ocean unto itself. Put up Little Mermaid balloons everywhere, and add some seaweed to the table in the form of green streamers. You can even put green streamers up on the door so that the children have to venture from the surface world to the underwater world through a magic seaweed door.

Learn about the Sea
Have a trivia game where the children learn about the ocean and what lies under it. Use cards to teach the children about fishes and other sea creatures, but be sure to make it fun and the best way to do that is with candy prizes.

It is not often you get to turn your house into an underwater world, so go all out and have fun creating an underwater paradise for all the sea creatures who may come to your door on that special birthday.