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Ladybug Birthday Party Ideas

Ladybug Party Supplies
Ladybug Party Supplies
Kids, for the most part, are not big fans of insects. However, there is one insect that seems to be universally loved by not only children, but adults as well, and it is the ladybug. Therefore, it is not uncommon for parents to be asked by their children for ladybug themed birthday party. This may seem like a hard thing to do, but when you use Ladybug Birthday Party Supplies, things can get a lot easier.

Aphids for Dinner
One thing you can do with the ladybug theme birthday party is to serve aphids. Well, not real aphids of course but by baking small little pastries to look like green bugs, you can serve the kids what the ladybugs eat. This will help them learn a bit about the ladybug diet, while they get to pretend they are ladybugs. Plus, they will love the baked treats, so it is a win-win-win scenario for you and the kids.

Ladybug Wings
The most recognizable feature of a ladybug is its wings. These red and black wings with dots on them are instantly recognizable by nearly everyone. It tells people that the bug they are dealing with is a ladybug, and for gardeners those red and black markings on the back of the ladybugs are something to respect, thanks to their habit of taking care of pests. So, why not have the kids make their own set of wings? They can paint them, and you just need to cut them out of cardboard and attach them to the children. The children will love pretending they are ladybugs with their homemade wings.

Learn About Ladybugs
One great thing you can do with your ladybugs at the birthday party, is teach them about ladybugs. The kids will be able to learn about one of their favorite creatures, and you will be able to mix some educational material into the entire day for them. Who knows, you may spark a future for one of those kids, studying insects.

Ladybugs are a universally loved insect by parents, children and even gardeners. They are beautiful, they take care of pests and they have earned a special place in the human heart. As a result, you may be setting up a ladybug themed birthday party for your kids. If you do, then you need to make sure you set the party up with supplies from the Ladybug Birthday Party Packs.