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Jurassic World Birthday Party Ideas

Jurassic World Party Supplies
Jurassic World Party Supplies
Jurassic World is a movie that is the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park film series. In this movie, they have created a hybrid dinosaur (a mix of Giganotosaurus, Rugops, Majungasaurus and Carnotaurus) in the fully functional "dinosaur theme park" that manages to escape. This movie has been a long time in the making, and they have even create Jurassic World Party Supplies as the previous films have been such a huge hit. Here are a few party ideas to go along with your Jurassic Word themed birthday party:

Dinosaur Eggs
Have the children setup in an area so they can create their own dinosaur type eggs. The easiest way to do this is to boil about a dozen eggs or so, or you could also buy some fake eggs and not have to worry about a mess afterwards. Once you have the eggs, have the kids paint the eggs with whatever design their imagination can come up with. Once everyone is through, you can have a contest to see whose egg is the most creative.

Name that Dinosaur
Another fun game you can do is have pictures of dinosaurs printed out, and have the children guess what type of dinosaur each one is. This game is not only fun, but educational as well. You can also include the new hybrid dinosaur that is portrayed in the movie, known as "Indominus rex". You could also mix this up a bit and name the type of characteristics to each dinosaur and see if they children can name the dinosaur from that as well.

Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur
This is a new twist on an old game. Print out a big picture of a dinosaur, and cut the tail off so the kids can play "Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur". Get a handkerchief to cover the children's eyes so they can't see, spin them around a few times, and then point them in the direction of the picture so they can try to pin the tail on the dinosaur. The child who gets the tail closest to the dinosaur wins.

You don't need to stress about what type of activities to put on at your child's Jurassic World themed birthday party, because your child is sure to have a blast with a few of these party ideas and party supplies from the Jurassic World Birthday Party Packs to go along with it.