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John Deere Birthday Party Ideas

John Deere Party Supplies
John Deere Party Supplies
Young boys love tractors, and when we all think of tractors, we think of John Deere. If your child asks for a John Deere birthday party, don't start panicking and wondering how you are going to get a tractor, just think outside the box and use some items from John Deere Birthday Party Packs and you will be well on your way to plowing forward a fun day for the children.

Make a Tractor
Simply put, you cannot have a John Deere party and not have a tractor. Luckily, you are not going to need to buy one and find a way to get it into the living room. Instead, with some cardboard boxes and green paint, you can make a perfectly good one that the children will love to play in. When they arrive, have them put stickers and other John Deere Birthday Party Supplies on it. Have them also sign their names on it, creating a time capsule of their youth on a cardboard tractor. If you can, put the cardboard tractor on a wagon and pull the kids, one or two at a time, throughout the house or yard as they pretend to plow the field.

Turn the House Into a Farm
John Deere is all about tractors, and a tractor belongs on a farm. So, turn the house into one big farm, complete with cardboard farm animals, balloon eggs filled with goodies, and streamers on the ground to act as grass and hay. Have the kids work the farm by collecting the various balloon eggs from the chickens, heard the animals into a make shift cardboard pen and plow the field with the homemade tractor, as we mentioned before. Put plastic figurines of cows and other farm animals on the table as well.

Farm Hats
You can't ride a tractor without having farm hats, so make some out of paper for all the kids. Put each child's name on it and include a prize inside for all of them. You can also cut the plates to look like tractors for the kids.

Go Green
We don't mean go environmental, but instead go with the color green. Decorate the house in as much green as you can because like St. Patrick's Day, green is the color for John Deere and a John Deere birthday party. Go with green plates, balloons, utensils and candles.

John Deere can be a fun way to experiment with farming idea in the city. Give the kids the chance to work the farm, tend to the animals and ride the tractor through the makeshift field. Guaranteed, no one will go home disappointed.