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Horse Birthday Party Ideas

Every child loves a horse, and every child wants one. You will probably have your child asking for a horse at some point in time, but living in the city can make that nearly impossible. This is not even including the cost of having a horse as a present.

Instead, why not throw your child a horse themed birthday party? This is a great way to give them a horse for their birthday, just not in the way they had expected. Using imagination, creativity and Horse Birthday Party Supplies, you can create a wonderful birthday party for your child.

Go Western with Invites
When you invite the children, why not go Western on them and invite "Y'all to a Western Hootenanny. We Reckon It Will Be A Shooting Good Time!" Now this doesn't mean your birthday party plans will have a western focus to them, it just means that with horses comes cowboys and cowgirls. So see if you can get the kids to bring cowboy hats to the event. If they can't, just have small cowboy party hats for them.

Turn the House into a Stable
This may not be for those who hate a mess, but a great way to have a good horse themed birthday is by making the house, or living room, into a pretend stable. Using streamers from Horse Birthday Party Packs, you can create 'hay' on the ground of the stable. Put some pretend horses made of broomsticks and cardboard in stables made of cardboard tubing. It may not be a real stable, but it's a great way to get the kids excited about the birthday party.

Bucking Bronco
If you have a lot of foam cushions, why not scatter them around the living room, with a small chair or even a board held by mom and dad in the middle. Then, you can have the kids get on the 'bucking bronco' and mom and dad will try and shake them off onto the big cushions on the floor. Make sure there is lots of padding, the idea is to have fun, not hurt people.

Horses are something all kids love and your child is probably not going to be any different. So, you can easily have a horse themed birthday, all you need is imagination, crafts and party supplies.