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Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

Hello Kitty Party Supplies
Hello Kitty Party Supplies
For the past 24 years, there has been a show that has grown in popularity, despite only airing a few seasons and beginning in Japan. It is Hello Kitty and this billion dollar industry is incredibly popular with children and adults.

It is so popular, that there is a good chance your own kids may ask you for a Hello Kitty themed birthday party, but don't worry, you have help. With some thought, craft supplies and party supplies from Hello Kitty Birthday Party Packs, you can make a great birthday party for your kids.

Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty is known far and wide for the red bow. The red bow that sits above Hello Kitty's ears is so well-known that it is recognizable across the planet as part of Hello Kitty. As a result, you can make a great game by having a pin the bow on the Hello Kitty game. Just put up a photo of Hello Kitty, cover over the bow and make your own cardboard cut out of the red bow. Then see how well the kids do trying to pin the bow on.

Make a Kitty House
There are many kitties in the world, so why not use the birthday party to build a kitty house during the Hello Kitty party? All you have to do is get some wood, make the frame of a small house and then have the kids help you attach some carpet around it for cats, and even make some places for the cats to sleep. This is a great way to have a creative birthday party and help out any kitties who may not have a home.

Hello Kitty Photo
This one is a fun one. All you need is a digital camera and some photo editing software. Just take photos of the kids one at a time. Then, while they are eating or opening presents, take some time to upload the photos and put the kids in a picture with Hello Kitty. This should be easy to do and you can take a few days if you need to. The kids will love it though and will hold onto that photo for a very long time.

Hello Kitty is incredibly popular and seems to keep growing in popularity. Don't be surprised if your own kids ask for a Hello Kitty themed birthday party in the near future. Thankfully with Hello Kitty Birthday Party Supplies and these party ideas, you can make it happen.