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Guardians of the Galaxy Birthday Party Ideas

Guardians of the Galaxy Party Supplies
Guardians of the Galaxy Party Supplies
When it comes to the hosting children birthday parties, the challenge is to have something that captures the attention and imagination of your child and his friends. It is even better if it allows adults to join in. This is exactly what a Guardians of the Galaxy themed birthday party offers. Its range of characters from Star Lord to Groot is memorable, fun and easy to replicate. The food and decoration is easily done based on the characters, and places. It is the games that may prove a challenge. Here are three ideas to use and guide you.

Bounty Hunting
A good number of characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy are bounty hunters. This makes this a perfect game for everyone involved. The birthday kid gets to be Rocket and chooses who will partner him as Groot. It is an outfield game and the bounty hunters stand at the middle of the playing field while everyone else is one the other side. The other players have to run past the bounty hunters to the other side without being tagged. Those who get tagged sit out and the last player to be tagged becomes the new Rocket.

Treasure Hunt
This is a good game to have for the birthday kid to look for valuable presents. He takes on the character of Star Lord and follows set clues to uncover where the presents could be hidden. You can also make it more interesting and inclusive by having several teams, a maximum of five each with their own characters. These teams then compete based on clues received by completing puzzles in the game. The team that connects the clue faster and discovers more treasure wins. The treasure can be simple gifts from snacks to toys all based on Guardians of the Galaxy.

Keeper of the orb
This is an interesting game that will also involve just about everyone present. Star Lord has been keeping his music mix since being abducted by the ravagers. He also ended up being able to hold the orb that could only be held by the strongest and greatest of all. You can have a glitter ball among your party supplies and use it for the orb. Then create a music mix by downloading every family members favorite song. Everyone assembles in the circle and the music starts as the 'orb' is passed around. The DJ stops the music randomly and whoever is holding the ball when the music stops is out. The last person with the ball is the winner and keeper of the orb and gets a special trophy.

A Guardians of the Galaxy themed birthday party is a great way to ensure your kids and their friends get an exciting theme they can relate to. You have interesting game options like bounty hunting, treasure hunting and keeping the orb of power. The only thing left to do is to make sure you have Guardians of the Galaxy birthday party supplies to make the themed birthday party complete.