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Golf Birthday Party Ideas

Golf Party Supplies
Golf Party Supplies
Birthday parties for your children are fun to plan but also pose a challenge to parents planning for them. You need to find a theme that relates to your child and is fun and engaging for them. If your little one loves everything golf relates, than a golf themed birthday is perfect for them. Children love the green of golf and the clubs and balls which provide a sense of freedom and endless fun. All you need are a few golf party supplies and you are set to go. Here are a number of ideas to try out for game and fun activities during the gold themed birthday party.

Golf costumes
It is a golf party theme and while the decor and invites can all set the stage, people will really enjoy the mood if they are dressed in golf type costumes. You can have adults wearing their usual golf attire but add more fun to the kids attires. You can get extra costume supplies to add some outrageous aspect to the costumes. Kids can dress as various people or parts on a golf course range. These include a golf ball, flag, club, etc. The costumes can be selected randomly or by questions.

Miniature Golf
It is not golf if it does not have some aspect of putting and miniature golf is the best bet. Going to a golf range will be more of an adults thing and can be expensive. Miniature golf on the other hand calls for creativity to set up and just lights up your home set up. It also makes it easier even for children who have not taken part in golf before to join in on the fun. Depending on your budget and space available you can set up a number of holes in the backyard or your lawn or even get a 3D mini golf course. Your child will be more than happy to help with the setup.

Golf Trivia
Nothing screams fun more than a little trivia. Depending on the age and knowledge of the kids involved you can set up a golf trivia of varying difficulty. Better still you can form teams including adults and children and combine the trivia with the miniature golf round to tally points. The trivia can be on general golf knowledge or you can mix it up with questions about your kids information. The winning team can be awarded a prized drink or snack to share or even costumes to mark the occasion and a small trophy. 

Golf themed birthday parties are a great option since they are easy to execute from the invitation cards to the meals and foods decorated with golf features. You need a few Golf birthday party supplies to carry out fun activities like a miniature golf course for a couple of rounds. You can ensure the kids get maximum fun from golf costumes and everyone can join in on the golf trivia questions. The advantage you have with a golf party is that everyone is involved in the fun and games and setting up the decor and other props is such a fulfilling activity.