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Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo Party Supplies
Elmo Party Supplies
Elmo is a hugely popular Sesame Street character that has been a fixture in the young lives of children for years now. If you have a young one, chances are they are going to want an Elmo birthday party. You can give them that party with Elmo Birthday Party Supplies, as well as thinking like Elmo yourself.

Everyone is Elmo!
Everyone loves Elmo, especially kids, so let them show that love by doing their best impersonation of Elmo. Let the kids go nuts with their impressions and have as much fun as they can with it. You can cover three cups in gold, silver and brown paint or ribbons to signify first, second and third place in the impersonation contest. Another idea here is to let the kids pick who the best was, or have the kids make trophies for everyone so no one feels left out.

An Elmo Parade
Elmo is a red, fuzzy creature, so give the children the chance to create a mask of their favorite Sesame Street character using red plates and markers. Or you can give them red puff balls and let them make a 3D Elmo face that everyone will love. Once you have made the masks, everyone can put them on and take part in an Elmo parade, which can run through the house, through the yard or through the entire neighbourhood. You never know, you may start a tradition.

Elmo's House!
Elmo doesn't live in a normal house, he has to live in an Elmo house, so decorate it as such. Put up red streamers, red balloons and red ribbons to make the house exemplify Elmo. Use a red tablecloth with red candles as well, which can all be found in Elmo Birthday Party Packs. Let the kids really feel like they are hanging out in Elmo's house. If you have any Elmo dolls, don't hesitate to put them out in the house for the kids to see and enjoy.

Elmo's personal message
On every plate, put a message to the child sitting there from Elmo. Let the children believe that while Elmo could not make the birthday party, he did send a special greeting to each child there. This can also work with invitations and thank you notes. Don't invite in your voice, but write it like Elmo would. If a child thinks Elmo is personally inviting them to the party, they will be on pins and needles waiting for it to come.

Have fun with Elmo birthday parties because Elmo is fun. Using Elmo birthday party supplies can make the entire event something to remember, and who knows, maybe the next year Elmo will be able to make a personal visit for the party he has heard so much about.