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Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Ideas

Dora the Explorer Party Supplies
Dora the Explorer Party Supplies
Dora the Explorer is a cartoon that teaches children about the world and everything in it. Through her explorations, children learn about cultures, animals and more. Your kids may love to watch Dora the Explorer, and they may want to have their own Dora the Explorer themed birthday party. Thankfully, with Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Supplies and these party ideas, you can provide it to them.

Exploration Invitation
The kids are going to want to come to a birthday party that goes along the ideals of Dora the Explorer, so why not invite them to an exploration. When you send out the invitations, you can tell the kids that they are about to embark on an adventure that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Tell them there will be danger, fun and learning, so be ready for a great time.

Backpack Fun
Dora the Explorer has a backpack for when she goes exploring, so why not have a backpack with different items and have the children try to guess what is inside. Dora usually has items like a compass, a rope, tape, etc. to help her throughout the exploration. For every correct answer, the children get a prize. You could also make this into a story-telling session and have the children come up with stories of why Dora would have those items in her backpack. This will be a great opportunity for the kids to use their imagination.

Before the birthday party, have the backyard, or the house, set up in a manner that the kids can go exploring for a variety of items. Have cardboard cut outs of animals, lost treasures and more set up. You can even have dad dressed as some creature stalking the children and following them. It will be really exciting for the kids and when they learn the creature following them is only dad, it will be a lot of fun as well.

Dora the Explorer has been on the air for years now, and she will be on for many more years to come. Kids love to watch the show and learn about the world around them, and it is likely they will ask you for a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party. With supplies from Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Packs, you can provide a great birthday party for your kids and their friends.