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Dog Birthday Party Ideas

There are millions of dogs in the United States, and most of them enjoy being loved members of the family. For children, one of their closest friends is the dog, and they will always have fond memories of the dog who followed them everywhere and watched out for them as they journeyed through the backyard or neighborhood.

Since your kids love dogs so much, why not provide for them a wonderful opportunity to celebrate that love? It's a dog themed birthday party and its all the rage these days in birthday party planning. With some supplies from Dog Birthday Party Packs, and some creative thinking, you can create some wonderful dog memories.

Dog Games
Why not play some dog games that use a dog in the title? An excellent example of this is Red Rover. We have all played it and it is a lot of fun. In case you need some refreshing, kids line up across from each other holding hands, and then one kid says "Red Rover, Red Rover, Let come over!" and the kid will run to the other side and try and break the chain. It is a lot of fun and is a great game for kids to play outdoors.

Dog House
Why not turn your whole house into a dog house? Have bones made out of cardboard laying on the ground, you can put up pictures of dogs and even have plates or bowls at the table with the names of each kid printed on them. It is a dog theme birthday party after all, so why not turn everything around the kids into a dog paradise.

Dog Movies
What would a dog themed birthday party be without some dog movies? There are plenty to choose from. You could watch Beethoven, any of the sequels, any of the Air Bud movies, or even the All Dogs Go to Heaven movies. Kids love dog movies and there are plenty out there for them to choose from, so just stop by your local video store and pick a few out. One recent one that kids love is Underdog, so that is another one to consider as well.

Dog theme birthday parties are hits right now and every kid seems to want one. Thankfully, they are easy to provide when you have the right Dog Birthday Party Supplies.