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Disney Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Princess Party Supplies
Disney Princess Party Supplies
Little girls love princesses, and you will be asked, as a result, to make a birthday into a royal affair by turning the party goers into Disney Princesses by using Disney Princess Birthday Party Supplies in unique ways.

Turn them into princesses
The first idea for a princess party is an easy one, make them all princesses. This can be done by cutting tiaras out of cardboard, and decorating them with beads and construction paper. Now, everyone who comes to the party gets to wear a tiara upon their head. Of course, being a princess is all about having a butler so turn dad into a butler for the day, and give the girls full range to order him around. Lay down the red carpet for the girls when they arrive at the house, or cut up bits of red ribbon to represent roses on the floor.

Spice up the invitations
Don't just invite the girls to a birthday party, invite them to a royal gala to celebrate the birthday of your Princess. This will give the entire period leading up the event a special amount of excitement as the girls get ready to enjoy being princesses for a day.

Thrones are needed
A princess cannot sit on a chair; they must sit on a throne. Using some decorative beads, construction paper and ribbons, decorate all the chairs to be elegant thrones. Of course, make the most decorated throne that of the birthday girl herself. The table should also look very princess-like, complete with pink dishes, forks, spoons and candles. Many of these items can be found in Disney Princess Birthday Party Packs.

Design a Gown
A wonderful activity that all the girls can take part in is designing princess gowns. Give the girls all that they will need, including fabric, ribbons, beads and streamers, and allow them to put their creative touches to work to create gowns. The girls can make the gowns in any style they like, with no rules on how a gown should look. Once the gowns are complete, have a princess fashion show where the girls show off their creations to everyone.

Being a princess is the dream of every little girl, and you can make that dream come true for one day, when everyone, including the birthday girl herself, are princesses for one day.