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Disney Cars Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Cars Party Supplies
Disney Cars Party Supplies
The Disney Pixar Cars movie came out in 2006, and two years later kids are still having fun watching this great film. The movie was so popular that toys and copies of the movie are still being sold today. Due to this popularity, kids may ask for a Cars themed birthday party. While you may not be able to get Lightning McQueen out for the party, you can still have a lot of fun with the help of Disney Cars Birthday Party Supplies and these party ideas.

Pin the Spoiler
This is a great twist on an age-old birthday party game. Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, why not pin the spoiler on the car? With the spoiler acting as the tail of the car, you can watch as the kids have fun trying to direct their friends towards the right spot on the picture. This is a lot of fun for kids to do, and it is a very easy party game to put into place. Just make sure everyone stays safe with the pins on the tail/spoiler.

Decorating a Car
With some cardboard boxes taped together in a strategic way, you will be able to create a large car out of cardboard. This car is not to drive of course, but it can be great for the kids to decorate it. Let everyone get together and decorate the car with craft supplies, and more. The car should be large enough for everyone to work on it, and if you want to keep things orderly, you should make sure that everyone has a spot to decorate on the car. When the decorating is done, you can take pictures of everyone around the car so they all have memories of the great day.

Car Food
Since you are having a Cars themed birthday party, why not make everything the kids eat car-themed? Make pudding the oil, little hot dogs can be spark plugs, you can even make a cake that looks like the car. Other ideas include cookies that are decorated as wheels or steering wheels. There are endless ideas with the food, so really use your imagination.

Disney Cars was a very popular movie, and it is still popular today. So, when your child asks for a Cars themed birthday party, you can be prepared for it with supplies from Disney Cars Birthday Party Packs and these birthday party ideas.