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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur Party Supplies
Dinosaur Party Supplies
Every child, at one point or another, becomes very interested in dinosaurs and it is a safe bet that one of your children will ask for a dinosaur themed birthday party. One of the easiest types of parties to put on is the dinosaur themed because many of the Dinosaur birthday party supplies can turn any birthday party into a prehistoric adventure.

Time Travel!
As we all know, the only way to see dinosaurs as they once were is to take a trip back in time to prehistoric times. Thankfully, this can be accomplished by taking a large box, or even use a room, that can be decorated to look like the inside of a time machine. Use cardboard and other easy items to make buttons and levers for the time machine. Have all the children go into it, and while they are in there, with the door of the box or room closed, someone else quickly turns the room they were just in, into a prehistoric wonderland. Of course, to do this you will need to have everything ready to go and easy to set up so that the children are not waiting 30 min for everything to be ready. By doing this, the children will use their imaginations and be ready for a journey through the past in a dinosaur jungle, that only moments before looked like the living room. Hang green streamers for vines, and construct ferns with green construction paper. You can even set up a few plastic dinosaur figurines, which are often available in Dinosaur birthday party packs, for the children to see.

Bring on the dinosaurs
If you want to go one step further than plastic dinosaur figurines, then take the time and a lot of cardboard and make your own, much scaled down, dinosaur that can loom over the living room where the children will play and eat. It will of course take a bit of time but cardboard is strong enough that unless there is a lot of activity on it, the dinosaur should hold out for the party.

Dino eggs full of treats
Using white balloons filled with candy, scatter these "dinosaur eggs" around the house for the children to find. Once everyone has found the eggs, they can break them open and get to the candy inside. To make sure everyone has found an egg, provide a map for them if you want!

Turn the food into Dino food
Forget about serving burgers! You will be serving Pterodactyl burgers and Brontosaurus hot dogs for this party. Tell the kids you had to go back in time in a special time machine to get the burgers and hot dogs, and turn it into an exciting story that will keep the children enthralled. You can even use it as a lead in for your own time travel adventure, which we mentioned previously.

Dinosaurs are fun, and exciting. They turn any birthday into a prehistoric adventure, while satisfying a child's curiosity of the past. You can go all out by making your own dinosaur, or scale back with just dinosaur eggs. Either way, the children are sure to enjoy it.