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Cat Birthday Party Ideas

Cat Party Supplies
Cat Party Supplies
Cats are wonderful creatures. Worshiped by the Egyptians as gods, and part of our domestic lives for thousands of years, we have a symbiotic relationship with them. They take care of vermin, we protect and feed them. Kids are often bonded with cats and that means they may want to have a cat-themed birthday party. This is actually quite an easy thing to accomplish, and all it takes is some imagination and some supplies from the Cat Birthday Party Packs.

Cat Face Paint
A great way to get the party started is to get the kids looking like cats. This can be done easily by just putting on some face paint on the kids. With some face paint, make some whiskers on their cheeks and give them a cat nose. This will help everyone look the part for the cat party. It is a simple activity that will get everyone ready for the party.

Cat Ears
Since you have the cat whiskers and nose on, you will need to also get cat ears on the kids. This can be easy to do and all it takes is some effort before the party on your part. With some elastic or pipe cleaners, as well as some cardboard and felt, you can make ears that will sit on the kid's heads. If you don't want to make the ears, you can easily buy some from a dollar store.

Cat Obstacle Course
Now that everyone is looking the part, you can get them running a cat obstacle course. Set up some jumps and tunnels made out of cardboard boxes. Put up some yarn and make other obstacles for the kids to go through in this game. Make sure the kids run on all fours like cats and see how fast they can get through the obstacle course. You can even have another adult dress as a dog and come leaping out of a corner to give the kids a scare on their obstacle course.

Cats are well-known for being wonderful pets and kids often have a strong attachment to them. That attachment can mean that the kids will want to have a cat-themed birthday party. Thankfully, this can be a very easy thing to create with some help from these party ideas and Cat Birthday Party Supplies.