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Cake Decorating Ideas

Creating a birthday cake for your child can be stressful if you don't know how. Many times parents will end up buying a cake at the local bakery for their son or daughter's birthday party after hours of frustration and not getting the results they'd like. Birthdays only come around once a year, so it's obvious that you want a cake that you and your child can be proud of.

Thankfully, you won't have to worry anymore! We have listed cake decorating classes that you can learn from, all from the comfort of your own home. By taking these cake decorating classes, you can ensure that your child's birthday cake will be one that he or she will be bragging about at school the next day.

Apart from baking skills, decoration is paramount when dealing with cakes for kid's birthday parties. You need a strong desire for striking artistic cake decoration that will keep the children running for your cakes. If you want your cakes to be the talk of the town, try an online course, and you might be the choice for many. It doesn't matter if you are new to cake decorating or you have been struggling for longer than you would like to admit. Here are just a few reasons why online cake decorating classes will come in handy for you:

Develop your skills to perfection
Do you have some skills when it comes to cake decorating, but have yet to perfect them? Learning is a continuous process, and at no point will you find yourself content with the skills you already have at your disposal. When it comes to your kid's cakes especially, you want to do it flawlessly. Even though children do not discover faults easily, they can be difficult to please. They need attractive and glowing colors that demand more creativity.

Explore more techniques
Extra skills are highly needed, especially with the kind of decorations for birthday parties for kids. Through online courses, you will get to know unique techniques and tips you haven't come across before. You can in addition venture into other areas of specialization which you have not yet explored. A case in point is the 3D sculpturing and air brush painting. If indeed you are already an expert at decorating wedding cakes, a decorating class for a kids' birthday cake will help make your skills more intricate.

Online instructors provide feedback, positive criticism and encouragement
Online instructors make the best feedback on your learning progress. With the assistance of these specialists, you will learn how to:
- Get started
- Create a business plan
- Identify your market
- Get the necessary equipment, and where to buy special decorating tools

Therefore, they will put into perspective other things that come along with the whole process as well. This will give you an extra flair on your decorating skills and could bring the best out of you through demonstrations and step-by-step segments.

Cost effectiveness
Although there are many hands-on decorating classes offered at the bakeries around you, getting the classes online cuts on your cost. What you simply need is the internet and you will learn the basic skills required to make a kid's birthday cake from your kitchen. You don't have to pay those high bakery prices, do it online and save your money. You could use it to buy more sophisticated and unique cake decorating equipment to add on to your kitchen shelf.

Save your time too
Most importantly, time is money. Why do you need to walk or travel to that bakery school while you can create your own centerpiece at home? Whether you want to learn for leisure, or for commercial purposes, online courses simplify your cake decorating skills in a more rewarding way to spend your time, as well as have fun doing it.

Click on a link below to see the cake decorating classes.

  Cake Decorating Classes  
  Class Name Description Instructor  
  Advanced Cake Sculpting
Advanced Cake Sculpting
Learn how to sculpt a cake that will turn heads! Mike McCarey
Mike McCarey
  Cake Topper Techniques: Fondant Animals
Cake Topper Techniques: Fondant Animals
Learn all about the fondant birds and the sugarpaste bees, and make adorable animal cake toppers with cake designer Sharon Wee. Sharon Wee
Sharon Wee
  Cake-osaurus Rex
Cake-osaurus Rex
Rawwr! Learn to design, carve and decorate a fantastic dinosaur cake. Catherine Ruehle
Catherine Ruehle
  Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes
Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes
Make birthday cakes that star in memories long after the last slice is gone. Create three fun cake designs with the waxed-paper transfer method and Jessica’s no-carve sculpting techniques. Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris
  Custom Cake Toppers: Step by Step
Custom Cake Toppers: Step by Step
Bring personality to your cakes and a smile to every guest's face with these endearing, amazing toppers. Get perfect results with detailed directions and exact fondant measurements. Brenda Walton
Brenda Walton
  Jeweled Wedding Cake
Jeweled Wedding Cake
Brooches, pearl bursts and bling cover your custom cake for that special day. Marina Sousa
Marina Sousa
  Mini-Cakes, Many Occasions
Mini-Cakes, Many Occasions
Amaze your clients with an array of customized mini-cakes too sweet to pass up. Make adorable petits fours, tiny three-tiered treats, dainty handbags and more. Rachael Teufel
Rachael Teufel
  Perfect Party Cakes
Perfect Party Cakes
Tap into the trendiness of crafts as you learn new decorating techniques inspired by embroidery, paper arts and quilting. Zoe Clark
Zoe Clark