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Birthday Party Checklist

Be prepared for your child's next birthday party with this birthday party checklist

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4 Weeks Before:
  __ Set a date and time for the birthday party
__ Decide on a location and make reservations
__ Create a guest list and determine size of party
__ Create a budget for the party
__ Plan your activities and games
__ Plan your menu and drinks
__ Decide on a party theme
__ Purchase your party supplies
__ Schedule entertainment (Clowns, etc)
__ Ask a friend or relative to help at the birthday party
1 Week Before:
  __ Call guests who have not responded yet
__ Plan for additional help if needed
__ Confirm reservations if needed
__ Schedule activities
__ Confirm cake order if not making your own
__ Bake & freeze unfrosted cake if making your own
__ Fill party favor bags or pinatas
__ Start any heavy cleaning
__ Buy freezable foods

3 Weeks Before:
  __ Send out invitations and directions
__ Purchase balloons, party favors and game prizes
__ List any other supplies needed
__ Order rental equipment if needed
__ Purchase film and video tape
__ Purchase pinata, and fillers
__ Place guest list near the phone for easy access

2 Days Before:
  __ Begin decorating
__ Gift wrap and prepare party favors or game prizes
__ Purchase beverages and ice
__ Purhcase food and remaining grocery items
__ Review the games and activities
__ Replace batteries in your video/digital camera
__ Bake any treats that will be served
__ Clean party area
__ Defrost frozen foods
__ Confirm any entertainment
2 Weeks Before:
  __ Select activities to entertain the children with
__ Order cake or make your own
__ Finalize your menu
__ Purchase candles and matches
__ Purchase and wrap gifts for the birthday child
1 Day Before:
  __ Child proof the party area
__ Discuss with your child appropriate party behavior
__ Clean outdoor surfaces
__ Clean bathrooms
__ Prepare any foods that will refrigerate well overnight
Day of the party:
  __ Finish any last minute decorations
__ Pick up cake
__ Frost and decorate home made cake
__ Set out party supplies
__ Fill or pick up balloons
__ Place crafts and prizes near the table
__ Place presents near the table
__ Put any pets away
__ Decorate outdoor areas (Place balloons on mailbox)
__ Set up the food on the table
__ Smile and have a great time

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