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Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party Ideas

Beauty and the Beast Party Supplies
Beauty and the Beast Party Supplies
Beauty and the Beast is a well-known and loved movie by children everywhere. It teaches kids that true beauty comes from within, not just on the surface. This movie is so popular that it shouldn't be a surprise if your own children ask for this type of themed birthday party. Finding Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party Supplies is the easy part; the hard party is trying to come up with birthday party ideas that go well with this type of theme. This is why we've offered several party tips to help you get the party going in the right direction.

Belles Books
Who can forget that the character of Belle simply adores books? This would be a great way to incorporate reading (which can be hard to make a child do) with some fun! All you need to do is buy several books, hide them around the house or outside, and have the children go and find them. You should be able to find cheap Beauty and the Beast story books but if not, you can get coloring books, crossword puzzle books, and stickers that match the theme. Since Beauty and the Beast is so popular, you will be able to find these easily online if you don't have any luck at the store. Be sure to get enough for all and before the kids go on their hunt, limit them to one or two books each.

Don't Spill Mrs. Pots Tea!
Mrs. Pots and Chip are wonderful characters in Beauty and the Beast so why not play a game with them? Purchase two cheap tea sets that include cups and a teapot. The other components aren't required for this game. Divide the guests into two groups and have them sit at different tables. One child within each group will start out with water in the tea pot while all the other group members will have empty cups. Be sure both tea pots on each team have equal amounts of water. Instruct the kids to transfer the water from one teacup to the next without spilling it, but as fast as possible. Whichever team has the most water back into the teapot at the end will win.

Pin the Pedals on the Rose
A great game that the kids can play can be just like the old 'tail on the donkey' only you can incorporate it into the Beauty and the Beast theme party. It will take some initial preparation but it is simple! Purchase a plain white poster board, and use a green marker to draw a large stem. Purchase a few fake red roses or rose pedals, and some double side tape. During the party, tape up the poster board, hand the fake rose pedal to each child which will have the tape on the back (don't forget the blind folds), spin them around three times, and see who gets the pedal closest to where it should be on the rose stem.

Now that you have some fantastic party ideas, all you need are some party supplies from Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party Packs! If you want your theme to flow through every element of your child's party, from games to napkins, and more, it's best to get all the matching supplies!