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Batman Birthday Party Ideas

Batman Party Supplies
Batman Party Supplies
Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in history and most likely, your child will want a Batman themed birthday party at some point in their childhood, so how do you provide that to them? It's quite easy in fact, using many different Batman birthday party supplies.

Turn everyone into Batman
First things first, if it is going to be a Batman themed party, then everyone there is going to be Batman. Take the tablecloth, or any other fabric you can find, and craft capes for everyone at the party. A batman signal sticker is easy enough to find and can be applied to the back of all the capes. Add a few other touches like batman masks made from construction paper or another material that is easy to find and craft into a mask. You can also create neat little utility belts with streamers, cups and other birthday party supplies.

The Bat Cave
There is no Batman birthday party without a Bat Cave. By dimming the lights in the living room, or wherever you are having the party, putting up some bats made from a variety of items including paper plates, cut to look like bats can add a bit of "batness" to the party. Take some balloons, black if you can get them, with black streamers and hang them from the roof as well. It may seem a bit dark to do, but he is called the Dark Knight after all. Take a plastic tablecloth and hang it over the door to the Bat Cave and write "Batmen Only" on it, to make the area a secret area for a special few.

Solve the Mystery
One thing Batman is all about, is solving a mysterious crime and finding the bad guy, so give the kids at the party a mystery to solve and a bad guy to catch. Leave clues they can find and talk about, putting their minds to work and their imaginations in overdrive. Have them journey throughout the house or yard to find the clues, and leave them in relatively easy places so no one gets discouraged.

Grab the Candy
An easy activity you can plan for everyone is to fill a box full of balloons, each of which have candy in them. Everyone gets 30 seconds in the box to grab as much candy as they can, or put a limit on the number. This will get kids active and excited at the prospect of grabbing as much candy as they can, while at the same time popping balloons and who doesn't love that?

Batman themed birthday parties are an excellent way to try your superhero's imagination, and put together a fun day for everyone at the party.