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Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

Barbie Party Supplies
Barbie Party Supplies
Growing up just would not be the same for a young girl if she did not get into Barbie's. Every little girl at some point either wants Barbie's or princess themed parties. There is a great abundance of Barbie Birthday Party Supplies available to everyone; it's the activities during the party that make it memorable.

Makeovers, Makeup and More!
Every Barbie comes with numerous accessories, from makeup to tiaras, different outfits, shoes; this list literally could go on forever! Setting up a couple of little vanity areas for the girls is a great way to start the party. There should be a lot of pink, makeup, dress-up clothes, shoes, and glitter. This will easily get the kids into Barbie mode and get them used to being in a new place.

Barbie Fashion Show
Kids love to play dress up and Barbie certainly is into a bit of fashion herself. What better way to show off than have a little fashion show after the makeovers are complete? This will give the children an opportunity to be creative in the outfits they choose and show off their stylish skills. Another variation of this is to have the children bring their own Barbie's and outfits, everyone can swap Barbie clothes and play dress up with their Barbie's and put on a little show where the outfits can be explained. A mix and match of everything – they can create their own styles and vote on which new style they like best. Prizes can be given out at this time, possibly a tiara for the "winner" and a similar prize for the other kids so no one feels left out.

Barbie Food
Every party needs to have some snacks to go along with it to keep unhappy campers at bay. For this a variety of finger sandwiches can be made. These sandwiches can be cut out into different shapes (with cookie cutters); along with the fun shaped sandwiches can be some pink popcorn (made with some red food coloring) and pink lemonade! All of these items can be served on a "silver" platter with some fancy plastic punch cups only fit for Miss Barbie herself.

What's the time Barbie?
This is a game that the children can play; it requires a bit of room but will be fun for everyone. One person stands at the end of the room (Barbie), with their backs facing the rest of the kids. Then the group of kids will ask Barbie what time it is – Barbie will then say whatever time they would like and that tells the other kids how many steps can be taken forwards. At any moment during the time when the kids are moving forward, Barbie can turn around and everyone must freeze. Whoever is moving will get eliminated but the first to reach Barbie will win a prize and a chance to be Barbie.

Having a great party does not necessarily mean that a lot of money needs to be spent. Barbie Birthday Party Packs are an inexpensive way to get party favors and supplies. This can accompany the games and activities planned out that will lead to many smiling happy faces!