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Animal Jam Birthday Party Ideas

Animal Jam Party Supplies
Animal Jam Party Supplies
Animal Jam is an online virtual world that was launched in 2010. Specially geared towards children and teenagers who want to learn more about zoology through social interactions, adventures, and parties. Animal Jam is all about having the best creative experiences. Participants, known as 'jammers', can indulge in fun games and interact with others around the world who share their love for animals. While inspiring them to protect the natural world. When jammers attend parties, they are encouraged to showcase their unique personalities through clothes and custom accessories.

If you have children who cannot get enough of animal jam, and looking for birthday party ideas, these will help you:

Play-as-your-pet party
This party idea requires jammers to play as their pets. Set up in an outdoorsy area, it comprises of attractions such as the Pet Wash and Pet Shop. The party requires players to talk using emoticons like they would with their pets. The party can be decorated using mushroom fountain marks, large blades of grass as well as large flowers. There are also Animal Jam birthday party supplies such as party bags, plates, balloons and other party favors that can be used. The atmosphere is fun, immersive and "mysterious" when it needs to be.

Jam session party
The Jam session is a members' only music-themed party that is often held in a den. The music is upbeat rock and roll or jazz. As such, instruments like electric guitars, electric keyboard, drums and bass guitars will be included in the musical ensemble. The party usually takes place on an outdoor stage when the sun sets and giant speakers are playing music in the background. The backdrop on the stage is that of colored-sheets and white strobe lights. Jammers can purchase various music-themed items and dance on the stage. The music played at the party is simple and keeps everyone on their feet.

Wolves-only party
The wolves-only party is meant for all jammers and can be held all-year round. The party is often decorated with Animal Jam Party Supplies such as Phantom-themed and wolf-themed items. Other decorations include the trapped phantom, tiki torch and the Greely statue. The main party floor is decorated with spooky lights and a wall torch. There is a 'Wolves Only Shop' that sells wolf-themed den items and colored wolf plushies for the jammers. The party is held in a modified volcano den which also comprises of a lava pit.

Using these Animal Jam ideas at a child's birthday party provides a unique atmosphere for learning and entertainment alike. They will also give your child something exciting to look forward to. While a play-as-your-pet party makes children value the animals they keep, the jam session party is all about having fun and letting loose. When it comes to the wolves-only party, the children will get into character and challenge each other. They will be dressed for the occasion and interact with each other in the most pleasant ways.