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Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

Angry Birds Party Supplies
Angry Birds Party Supplies
Created by a game developer called Rovio, Angry Birds is potentially one of the most popular mobile games ever. Therefore it shouldn't be a surprise if your child asks for an Angry Birds themed birthday party. With a little creativity and Angry Birds Birthday Party Supplies, you can also create your own games that will allow your child and his/her guests to have a blast at the birthday party.

Launch the Birds
You have probably seen those stuffed animal Angry Birds in many different stores such as Wal-Mart, or even the grocery store. Conveniently, they are rounded and almost shaped like a ball which makes for a great game! Purchase two or three (or even one), and get or use either a net, or a basketball hoop. Of course you want to be sure that the angry birds fit into the nets. If you don't want to purchase a net or hoop, you can have the children take turns being the hoop with their arms out in a circle shape. At the party, have the kids take turns earning points for every time they successfully throw the angry bird into the net. The kids will have a ball and the winner can take home the stuffed animal!

Make Your Own Angry Bird
Yellow, red, blue – there are all sorts of different angry birds, so why not include a simple activity which involves the children creating their own personalized angry bird? All you will need to do is supply the colored construction paper, markers, crayons, paint, or whatever you wish! You can also supply the little guests with some Angry Bird stickers. For ideas, print out some pictures and scatter them throughout the craft table. Have the kids all sit down at the table and create their own angry bird character. Once they are done, make it a little competition if you wish and have everyone vote on the most creative one. May the best bird win!

Decorating Angry Bird Style
Decorating for your child's birthday party is actually very simple! Some of the colors used in the game include green, blue, red and yellow, so purchasing streamers of those colors is simple. Twist them together and hang them all around. Another great idea is to purchase some angry birds balloons and mix in some regular balloons as well. Don't forget to let the kids take home some of the balloons as well. As for the cake, there are plenty Angry Bird themed cake accessories that can be found online with a simple online search.

Along with decorating ideas, you must not forget your Angry Birds Birthday Party Packs! These will certainly seal the deal and your child will be one happy little bird, instead of an angry one! Never mind how much time and money you will save, all because your paper plates, napkins, cups and more, are already matched up with the Angry Bird theme. With just a few fun activities, some decorating ideas and your party packs, your child's big day will be more than memorable.