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Zelda Birthday Party Ideas

Zelda Party Supplies
Zelda Party Supplies
The Legend of Zelda is a popular video game which mixes a touch of fantasy with adventure, action and puzzle solving. While the first edition of the game was produced back in 1986 for Nintendo, the newest game was released back in November 2011. If you haven't heard of Zelda, the game follows the main character, Link, and his efforts to rescue the Princess Zelda. The game has remained popular throughout the past twenty years, selling over 67.93 million copies. It is no wonder why any kid with a video game player would want to have a Zelda themed birthday party. Organizing a Zelda birthday party first starts with getting some Zelda Birthday Party Supplies.

Rescue Mission
When it comes to making a great Zelda birthday party, you need to first start with some fun activities for the kids to enjoy. Since the main plot of these games is the rescue of the Princess by Link, it is fun to incorporate that into the whole day. Take some time to set up a Princess rescue mission for the kids to participate in. You can do this by starting with a clue to point them in the right direction. It is easy to set this up as a type of scavenger hunt, with each clue pointing to another one. When they get to the final clue, you can have a prize waiting for them at the end.

Zelda Dress Up
One of the most recognizable parts of the main character Link's outfit is his sword and his shield. This is a great aspect to include in your Zelda party planning. The design on the shield is simple enough to copy, and play swords can be purchased at any party or toy store. When your guests arrive, make the day special by giving them each their own Link sword and shield. Make sure the sword is a foam one to avoid injuries, and let the kids play out the game in the backyard. You can even get a scarecrow dressed as Ganon, the main enemy, or if you have a brave soul, have a friend or family member dress up to liven the fun!

Ganon Pinata
A Zelda spin on a classic birthday party idea is to get a pinata that looks like Ganon. Have the kids use their toy swords and shields to battle the enemy, and retrieve the prize inside. This is a birthday party game that never gets old and kids of all ages love and enjoy. If there are a lot of kids at the party, you can think about getting two pinatas and making the other one another Zelda enemy.

There are so many options when it comes to making a Legend of Zelda birthday party theme for your kids! Now that you have party ideas about some fun and exciting games and Zelda packed decorations, the party is sure to be a blast. Don't forget to put the final touches on your party and decorations by getting Zelda Birthday Party Packs, which will have all of the matching accessories you need from cups and plates to napkins and more!