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Smurfs Birthday Party Ideas

Smurfs Party Supplies
Smurfs Party Supplies
When the Smurfs first came out in 1958, they lived in a world called "le Pays maudit", but much has changed since then! The cast of the movie that came out in 2011 are all cute blue cartoon creatures who now live in a Smurf village. The storyline of the Smurfs involves a bold adventure, so it is no surprise your child may ask for a Smurfs birthday party. With these birthday party ideas and a few Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies, it will be easy to get the party rolling!

Find the Smurf hat
If your childs birthday party is going to be inside, a fun game to consider is finding the Smurfs hat. You are probably wondering where one purchases a Smurf hat which is a great question! Truth is, all your going to need is some felt, tissue or fiberfill and glue. Draw a smurf hat pattern on two pieces of felt, then cut the two pieces out and glue or sew them together. The last step is to stuff the hat with tissue or fiberfill. Once the hat is finished just hide it in one room, and have the kids go find it. If you don't want them in a certain room then let them know the rules and keep the doors closed. If you want to keep it monitored, have them stay in one room.

Make Smurfs from Clay
Every kid loves to play with clay, so why not make this a fun craft at your child's birthday party? You will basically need a few colors of clay which include Smurf blue, white, brown for the eyes, and pink for the lips. You can print out the directions on how to make a Smurf from online, or you can have the kids make their own. Have them name it just as all the Smurfs have names. Once everyone is done, have them show off their artwork one by one, and hand out prizes for their creations.

Make It Look Like Smurf Village
While you can always decorate using the color blue everywhere, you can also decorate the room to look like the village in which the Smurfs live in. You probably know that they all live in mushroom like homes so before the party, get some large poster board, and create duplicates of their village so that you can place them all over the walls and on the front door. You can make the room look like they are actually where the Smurfs live. Color the balloons with dots just likes the mushroom houses to give off an even better effect!

You can have so much fun with a Smurf themed birthday party, the possibilities are endless. Add in some party supplies from a Smurfs Birthday Party Pack, some fun crafts, decorating tips, and games for the kids to enjoy their time. While everything will match such as your napkins, cups, and so on, for even more decorations just do a simple search online and view images from the Smurfs. Try to have the room duplicate this so that the kids feel like they are one of the Smurfs!