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Moana Birthday Party Ideas

Moana Party Supplies
Moana Party Supplies
According to the Maori and Hawaiian culture, Moana is a name which means 'ocean'. The story is about a teenage girl who existed two millenniums ago. In order to prove that she was away finder like her ancestors, she tried to navigate the oceans. She wanted to finish the quest which they started. In order to accomplish this quest, Moana had to leave her family along with her pet pig Pua in order to save her people. Along the way, she meets Maui, a demigod who her grandmother told her about her achievements when she was just a child. Together, they would face several barriers which include sea creatures and storms. The following are Moana birthday party ideas.

Shell Necklace Relay Race
According to the story Moana wears a shell necklace. This necklace can be used as the basis of a fun relay race. Based on the number of children that you are likely to host, you need to figure out the number of teams you will have. You will have one adult at one end and have the kid teams lined up at the other end. Each child is given a shell necklace which will act as a party favor. When you give the 'Go' signal, the kids will run to the adult, place the shell necklace around her/his neck, and then goes back to the team. The team which finishes first will be the winners.

Ocean in a Bottle
A great idea is to provide your children with some craft activities to do while waiting for food. This craft activity is fun as children make an ocean in a bottle. The ingredients needed for this will include fish beads, funnel, duct tape, blue food coloring, canola oil and a water bottle which should be 1/3 full for each child. Have the children put in few drops of food coloring. Add plastic fish beads and tap them in. Close the lid tight and shake it to mix. Now open it and fill almost to the brim with oil. You recap the lid and put the duct tape to shut it. Then the shaking fun begins.

Hula Freeze Dance
Here, you will give every child a grass skirt. Make sure that each child wears a fitting grass skirt. Teach them some basic hula moves. This usually involves smiling faces with hands held on your waist. This is followed by instances of slow and fast shaking of hips which is fun for kids. But wait! You have to put on the Moana soundtrack, (although some other Hawaiian music will do if you don’t have that) and have the kids dance. The fun part is when you turn off the music and have the kids freeze at that position, maybe to take a picture.

Children love to have a Moana theme party to celebrate their birthdays. This is because Moana, through her determination and strength, usually overcomes every obstacle she meets and hence serves as a paragon of the modern day princess despite the fact that the story is for "Long! Long! Time ago". Furthermore, they instill various values to the child as he/she grows. These party ideas along with Moana birthday party supplies are great for your child's next birthday!