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Martial Arts Birthday Party Ideas

Martial arts is very popular for young boys and young girls. Whether they are emulating old martial arts heroes like Bruce Lee, or new ones, it is all part of the experience of something mystical and cool. As a result, your kids may want to have a martial arts themed birthday party, and while that may seem dangerous and difficult, it is not. All it takes is some supplies from the Martial Arts Birthday Party Packs and some imagination.

Make a Belt

You need to have a belt if you are going to be a martial arts master. Instead of giving belts to the kids, why not have them make their own. With a strip of cloth and some craft supplies, you can let the kids use their imagination and create some awesome belts that they can wear throughout the birthday party. No color is off-limits and no idea is off limits. Let them have a lot of fun and creativity with this.

Best Karate Scream
If you want to do karate, you got to have a good scream that puts fear in the hearts of your opponents. Have a contest that lets each child do their best karate scream. They can yell as loud or as quiet as they want, and when it is all over you can give everyone some prizes. It is all about fun, not who is the best at screaming their lungs out.

Ninja Obstacle Course

This is a fun idea, but it will take some preparation to put it all together. Make an obstacle course with tripping string, pretend throwing stars (made of foam), and other obstacles that leap out at the kids. They can go through the obstacle course watching out for these traps, on their way to a great prize at the end of it all.

Martial arts is a lot of fun for kids and adults. You can have some great fun putting together a martial arts themed birthday party when you use Martial Arts Birthday Party Supplies and these party ideas. Use your imagination as well and you will be able to put on a great party that will be remembered for a long time.