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Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Ideas

Lalaloopsy Party Supplies
Lalaloopsy Party Supplies
When it comes to planning a birthday party for your child you want it to be the most fun and memorable experience that it can be. Many young children are interested in having a lalaloopsy themed party for their birthday. Lalaloopsy was first introduced in 2010 as a ragdoll toy and has since become a sensation that has been turned into a popular TV show. If you're having trouble thinking of what kind of activities or decorations that you are going to use for your child's lalaloopsy themed birthday party then this article is for you! We will look at a couple of great ideas to help make your lalaloopsy birthday party a fun and memorable experience for your child and all of their friends.

Lalaloopsy Decorations
Everything lalaloopsy is bright, colorful and looks very crafty and "sewable". This is makes it easy to create a great set of decorations for the party. The main color scheme of lalaloopsy is pink, blue, green and orange. You can get party supplies such as balloons and streamers in these matching colors to tie the entire party together. To make decorations easy you can buy Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Packs that include a variety of party necessities such as napkins, plates, cups and other decorations. Since lalaloopsy has a crafty look to it, instead of regular streamers, consider getting a couple of yards of fabric, tear them into small skinny pieces and make a fabric rag garland to be hung around the room.

Sewing Station!
Every kid loves to mess around with crafts, and this party idea will keep the kids busy and will stick with the theme. There are only a couple of items you will need including pieces of felt, buttons, yarn, stuffing and any other small charms you may want such as rhinestones. Before the party cut the pieces of felt into easy shapes such as hearts and stars and make evenly spaced holes along the edges. At the party the kids will sew together two pieces of felt, and stuff the inside with stuffing. They can then decorate their piece with buttons, sequins, or whatever other decorations you had. This is a great take home party gift and will keep the kids busy!

Pin the Button!
Most kids have a blast playing pin the tail on the donkey at birthday parties. By putting a little twist on that game you can have a game that matches your theme. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, make the game 'pin the button on Lalaloopsy!'. Lalaloopsy characters all have buttons for eyes, so this makes it extra special and unique.

Making a lalaloopsy themed birthday party that your child will love is not as hard as you may think it will be. By purchasing Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Supplies you can make your tasks a little easier, and by including these fun activities and games all the kids will have the time of their lives enthralled in the land of lalaloopsy!