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Justin Bieber Birthday Party Ideas

Justin Bieber Party Supplies
Justin Bieber Party Supplies
Not only can Justin Bieber concerts be fun, but so can Justin Bieber themed birthday bashes! All you need to do is invest in some Justin Bieber Birthday Party Supplies to get the party rolling! There are so many games you can have your guests play, and so many ways to incorporate the Bieb and his phenomenal musical talents into your child's birthday party!

Justin Bieber T-Shirts
A great and fun craft for your guests to do while attending your child's birthday bash is to have them decorate a Justin Bieber t-shirt. Not only can they wear them at school, but at a Justin Bieber concert as well. All you will need to do is visit a local craft store, purchase some plain white t-shirts in various sizes, some puffy paint or fabric paint, gems, and any other fun decorating accessories. You can either make it a competition making the most creative t-shirt the winner, or just have them do it for fun while jamming out to some Justin Bieber tunes.

Bieber Fever Quiz
Since the kids attending the party will most likely know every last detail about Justin Bieber, why not hand out a quiz to see who knows him the best? Come up with ten to fifteen questions and whoever gets the most correct, can win a music CD or a Justin Bieber poster. You can ask questions such as, when is his birthday, what is his favorite food, and more. You can create this "quiz" using multiple choice if you would like. You can also put the questions on one side of the page (left) and the answer mixed (not in order) on the right side, and have them draw a line to what they think is the correct answer.

Find the Guitar Game
Another fun and unexpected game will be finding the hidden guitar, within the cake that is! Of course you should give fair warning, otherwise it can be a choke hazard, but while you're at the store purchasing items to create t-shirts, grab a package of little plastic, music related pieces such as mini microphones or guitars. You can often find them within the scrapbook section of the craft store, or simply ask. Once you have baked the cake, or cup cakes, stick a few within the cake before frosting it. Once you have sang Happy Birthday, and handed out the cake, whoever has the plastic hidden guitars, wins a Justin Bieber prize. Please make sure the plastic pieces are not too small!

If you notice your child playing Bieber songs, collecting his posters, downloading his music, and talk about the Bieb nonstop, then that is a sign your child would really love and enjoy a Justin Bieber birthday party! With these party ideas and supplies from Justin Bieber Birthday Party Packs, you can make your child's dream birthday come true!