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Clifford the Big Red Dog Birthday Party Ideas

Clifford the Big Red Dog Party Supplies
Clifford the Big Red Dog Party Supplies
Although this American book series were first published many years ago back in 1963, Clifford the Big Red Dog is still very popular amongst children and is a great theme for any younger aged birthday party. There are many inexpensive ideas and options to create a memorable birthday party and Clifford the Big Red Dog Birthday Party Supplies will get you well on your way to doing so.

Clifford Invitations & Decorations
Blank invitations card packs can be purchased along with some rubber stamps of dog paws. You can have your child help decorate the cards, possibly cut them into the shape of a dog bone or dog house. Another idea is to bake some cookies that look like dog biscuits that can be handed out to the children inviting them to the Clifford themed party.

As for decorations, streamers are always great because they are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors. Red is clearly the big color here, but blue and yellow will go nicely too. As far as the tablecloth goes, white is good, the children can draw on it and "mark their territory."

Games & Activities
Weather permitting, Red Rover would be an awesome game to play. The children can be split up into two teams and play the traditional red rover game. This will also be a way for them to exert some of their energy! Making dog masks can be fun too. An activity table can be set up with glue sticks or sticky dots along with some eyes and markers, all of which can be purchased typically at the dollar store in the arts and crafts section. Stamps are easy to use for kids of all ages, as well as some felt cut outs.

A very hands on and neat thing to do is make some play dough with the kids. All this involves is some salt, water, and flour. To make different colors you just have to add a little bit of food coloring. With this dough, they can each make their version of Clifford and friends.

Instead of a traditional cake dog bone cookies can be made and the kids can decorate their own. This way, everyone will have what they like and this could possibly be turned into a contest. Kids also love hot dogs and things that are bite sized. Pigs in a blanket (dogs in a blanket) are great because they are made from little hot dogs wrapped in biscuits. You can make little "doggie" bags for the children to take home with them as well. These can include candy, pretzels, stickers and so forth.

As exciting as birthday parties can be, they do not need to be extremely expensive to be great. Your child and his/her friends will remember the unique ideas and fun games. They aren't concerned about how much money you spent. Clifford the Big Red Dog Birthday Party Packs are an all inclusive way to creating a memorable party that the kids will talk about for while!