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Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

Avengers Party Supplies
Avengers Party Supplies
For those of you who haven't heard of the Avengers, now is the time! Since the new Avengers movie hit the screens, the popularity of the comic has exploded, making it the new favorite superhero movie. Based on the comic book, the Avengers follow a team of superheroes as they conquer "the foes no single superhero can withstand"! As Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Widow team up, it is every child's superhero fantasy. Because of this, your child may ask you for an Avengers Birthday Party - but don't worry - getting together Avengers Birthday Party Supplies will be an easy first step to planning a great party. Throw in some fun and entertaining party ideas to keep the kids busy, and it will be a birthday party to remember.

Dress Like a Superhero
A fun idea for an Avengers birthday party, is to give every child who comes a part of a superhero costume. Try finding a variety of capes, shields and other Avenger themed costume accessories such as Thor's hammer, or Wolverine's claws. This is a great way to get the kids into the superhero spirit and let them enjoy pretending to fight evil together. If you have a willing parent or sibling, ask them to dress up like the enemy Loki, and the kids can have a blast chasing them around the backyard. If you can't find a willing participant to be chased around by a group of superheroes, another option is to have a Loki pinata for the superhero partygoers to knock down.

Red, White and Blue
When it comes to decorations for an Avengers birthday party, the main color scheme is a darker red, blue and white combination. Think about buying, or making red white and blue confetti to sprinkle on the tables and alternate table cloths with corresponding colors. There are also a lot of other party accessories such as centerpieces and posters that show the Avengers, these are great accents to incorporate the party theme throughout the house. There are also a number of life size super hero cut outs that can be found and placed around the party. These are great to take pictures with in addition to serving as great decorations.

Avengers Scavenger Hunt
One great idea for an activity is to have an Avengers themed scavenger hunt. You can accomplish this by creating a number of tokens each which relate to a character in the movie. Each party goer will have to find the matching tokens that are hidden around the house. Once they have matched all of their tokens, they will receive a prize. Scavenger hunts are great for all ages, and can be made more or less difficult depending on the age of the birthday child.

Having an Avengers themed birthday party will be a fun and entertaining time! These birthday party ideas will help you to host a party with fun games and great themed decorating ideas. The final touches can be found within the Avengers Birthday Party Packs which have everything you need. Party packs have all of the birthday supplies you need to match your theme from cups, napkins plates and more!